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Dial 9310 Compression Sleeve Dial 2715 2-Piece Motor Clamp Set Dial 4222 Mesh Pump Basket
Standard compression sleeve for 1/4 in OD copper tube. Set of 2 for standard 2-1/2 in resilient motor mounting rings. Fits all offset and concentric pumps.
Dial 9311 Compression Sleeve and Nut Dial 4627 Tube Retainer Clip Dial 9247 Drain/Smooth Kit
Standard compression sleeve and nut for 1/4 in O.D copper tube. Two nuts and two sleeves. Prevents sagging and movement. Replacement for Champion Coolers. Includes slip in, non-threaded overflow pipe, washer, poly drain with 3/4 in male garden hose threads.
Dial 4632 Tube Retainer Clip Dial 9504 Barbed Adapter Dial 9375 Male Union
Prevents sagging and movement. Replacement for Artic Circle, Arvin and McGraw. Adapts poly tube to brass fittings without using 1/4 in CC sleeve. 1/4 in CC x 1/8 in MPT. Use with copper or poly tube on side tapped sill cock or pipe adapter. Includes poly tube adapter.
Dial 9244 Drain Kit Dial 4218 Pump Basket Dial 9329 Compression Union
1/2 in MPT overflow pipe with flat sided hex head for easy install and removal. Washer included. Nylon drain with 1/2 in FTP ID and 3/4 in male garden hose threads OD. Formed basket, fits all pumps. 8 in L x 6 in W x 3-1/2 in H. Union for 1/4 in OD copper tubes.
Dial 5218 Cooler Cleaner Dial 4777 Water Distributor Kit Dial 4648 Distributor Tube
Provides a one step treatment to inhibit build-up of scale, rust and offensive odor. Conditions cooler pad to reduce air temperature. Contains mild acid and wetting agents, not for potable water. Kit fits 3-way side, 4-way down, 6-way side and 8-way down by using an 8 way down distributor with up to 5 inserts plugs and MEK. Includes distributor head, water distributor adapter, MEK solvent and instructions. 20-1/8 in end to bend length. Fits all residential coolers.
Dial 4372 Pump Hose Dial 9396 Compression Tee Dial 9421 Straight Needle Valve
Standard for residential and commercial pumps with 4500 to 11,000 cfm ratings. Use to run water from pump to distributor. 1/4 in CC Tee, for connecting two coolers to one water source. Includes poly tube adapters. 1/4 in CC x 1/8 MPT straight water shut-off valve. Includes poly tube adapter.
Dial 9440 Angle Needle Valve Dial 9406 Straight Compression Needle Valve Scale Eliminator 5284 Water Conditioner
1/4 in CC x 1/8 MPT Angle water shut off valve. Includes poly tube adapter, fits sill cocks and pipe adapter. 1/4 in CC x 1/4 in CC straight in line water shut-off valve. Includes poly tube adapters for 1/4 in poly tube. Controls scale build-up and corrosion in coolers, special formula holds minerals in suspension by raising the solubility level of the water. Reduces mineral build-up on pads must be used with a bleed off kit or PowerClean? purge pump to flush suspended minerals.
Dial 4101 Float Valve Zoom Sprout 5713 Cooler Oil Dial 4296 Cooler Tubing
Brass inlet, arm and stem. Polypropylene body and float. Noiseless and non-corrosive. For cooler bearings and some cooler motors with oilable bearings. Lubricate shaft bearings at the start of every season and every 60 days during season. Inhibits rust and oxidation. Resistant to UV degradation, use to run water to coolers, not for potable water. Do not use indoors or in attic.
Dial 5347 Cooler Coating Dial 4489 3-Way Water Distributor Kit Fresh Air 5255 Air Freshener
Premium, heavy-bodied, "one coat" coating. Apply with a brush. Designed to coat and seal evaporative cooler bottom pans, protect against rust and corrosion all season, help deaden sound. Resistant to moisture, non-asbestos and fast drying. Includes distributor tubes, distributor head, water distributor adapter, MEK solvent and instructions. A time release formula that controls unpleasant odors from algae and bacteria in evaporative coolers and neutralizes odor in cooler water to freshen the air. Not for potable (drinkable) water.
Dial 6633 Pillow Block Bearing Dial 5011 Bleed-Off Kit Dial 4497 4-Way Water Distributor Kit
Dial Pillow Block Bearing, Dimensions: 5/8 in Dia, Suitable for: Evaporative Cooler Purge Systems Prevents scale build-up and algae by effectively changing out the cooler water. Designed to eliminate approximately 90% of mineral build-up caused by evaporation. Heavy-duty tee will not corrode and easily connects to existing pump hose. Rate of bleed varies with pump pressure and bleed tee orifice size. Includes distributor tubes, distributor head, water distributor adapter, MEK solvent and instructions.
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