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Taylor 5154 Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer Taylor Comfortmeter Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer THERMOMETER CARDINAL 4IN
For energy conservation in the home. Fahrenheit and Celsius. Decorator almond color with easy reading numerals and graduations. Measures 7-5/8 in x 2-1/4 in. Add functionality and natural style to your home with TAYLOR's wood indoor wall thermometer. Wood and aluminum accents complement this indoor thermometer's bold, blue reading tube to provide current temperatures ranging from -20 to 120 deg. This thermometer's slim design fits neatly in any wall space and is just as easy to install as it is to use. Enjoy the convenience of an at-home weatherman with the accuracy of this TAYLOR indoor thermometer. La Crosse Thermometer, Digital/Analog: Analog, -30 to 120 deg F, Resin Casing, Nail, Screw Mounting, Dimensions: 2.5 in L x 0.5 in W x 4.88 in H
Clearvu 2703 Rain/Sprinkler Gauge THERMOMETER OUTDR SUCTN CUP 8" Hi-Lite 5153/5301 Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer
Tapered end for ground or can be post mounted. Measures 5 in (127 mm) of rainfall. 10-3/4 in L. 1-1/2 in x 7/8 in collector opening. With two easy-apply suction cups, the Cardinal window view tube thermometer adheres securely to any smooth surface to help you prepare for the day ahead. The thermometer is designed with weather-resistant material that withstands all four seasons, from hot and humid summers to blistering below-zero winters. The thermometer gauge ranges from -40 to 120 deg and -40 to 50 deg C to ensure that you are always equipped with the most accurate temperature readings year-round. Beautiful and functional, enjoy the convenience of the local weatherman in your own backyard with the cardinal decorative tube thermometer from TAYLOR. A modern twist on a timeless classic, this TAYLOR window thermometer adds style and functionality to any home, backyard or garage. The thermometer's sleek, curved design features bold, blue and green numerals to provide accurate readings from -40 to 120 deg C and -40 to 50 deg C. Constructed with weather-resistant and rustproof material, this wall thermometer is compatible for both the indoors and outdoors and can be used throughout all four seasons.
Clearvu 2702 Rain/Sprinkler Gauge Taylor 5135 Analog Thermometer Taylor 5204 Weather Resistant Round Window Thermometer
Tapered spear end can also be post mounted. Measures 5 in (127 mm) of rainfall. 12-1/2 in L. 2-1/4 in x 1-1/4 in collector opening. With its timeless look and bold easy-to-read digits, the TAYLOR wall thermometer is a natural addition to any home, patio or garage. Weather-resistant and rustproof, this thermometer is designed to function both indoors and outdoors and withstand any weather condition, from snow to sunshine. The temperature gauge provides accurate readings ranging from -60 to 120 deg F and -50 to 50 deg C. Easy to install, simply mount or hang this thermometer on the desired wall to receive personalized, precise temperature readings in seconds. Taylor Thermometer, Dial Display, 6 in Display, -60 to 120 deg F, Metal Casing, Casing Color: Multi-Color, Wall Bracket Mounting, Dimensions: 1 x 6 x 6 in, Includes: Wall Bracket
Taylor Temprite Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer THERMOMETER & HYGROMTR 8.75IN Bestair HG050 Hygrometer
Taylor 5316 Thermometer
Our Price: $5.99
White aluminum scale with large easy-to-read numerals. Rustproof aluminum bracket. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. 8 in size. La Crosse Thermometer, Digital/Analog: Analog, -40 to 120 deg F, Plastic Casing, Nail, Screw Mounting, Dimensions: 2.95 in L x 0.75 in W x 8.75 in H Measures indoor air humidity levels while showing optimal comfort area without the need of batteries. Reduces static electricity, which causes problems with electronic equipment. Helps sooth dry, itchy skin, throats and coughs. Also hydrates woodwork, furniture and houseplants. Use with any brand of humidifier.
GAUGE RAIN PLASTIC 12IN       Taylor 5504 Weather Resistant Humidiguide/Thermometer Taylor 5327 Max/Min Grove Park Analog Thermometer
Taylor 5504 Thermometer
Our Price: $7.99
La Crosse Rain Gauge, Measuring Capacity: 5 in, Dimensions: 2-3/4 in L x 1-1/2 in W x 12-1/4 in H, Plastic, Hang Mounting Displays relative humidity and temperature. Hangs or stands. Updated contemporary styling. For any room in the home. Accurate from 20 to 120 deg F and 10 to 80% humidity. An accurate outdoor temperature reading without leaving the warmth of your own home. With the TAYLOR indoor and outdoor thermometer, see current indoor and outdoor temperatures ranging from -40 to 100 deg and -40 to 40 deg C. While the thermometer's red meter shows your inside temperature, the blue meter shows the temperature outdoors. Simply mount the thermometer indoors and extend the 45 long copper tubing out of a nearby window.
Taylor 5321N Weather Resistant Round Dial Thermometer La Crosse 204-1530 Mercury-Free Weatherproof Analog Thermometer Taylor 91157 4-Season Easy-To-Read Analog Thermometer
Apply the TAYLOR suction cup dial thermometer to any window or non-porous surface to start measuring outdoor temperatures ranging from -40 to 120 deg. With a bold pointer and blue and red dial graphics representing hot and cold temperatures, you'll never leave the house unprepared for the day ahead. Weather-resistant and rustproof, this easy-to-use 3.5 suction cup thermometer ensures the most accurate temperature readings in the cold. Mercury-free weatherproof thermometer with a unique metal design in fun, bright colors. Easy-to-read temperature in F and C. Works indoors and outdoors. For accurate readings, tap the side of the thermometer against your hand with the bulb side down to combine the liquid before mounting. Springfield Window Cling Thermometer, 7 in Display, -40 to 120 deg F
La Crosse Weather Station, -10 to 130 deg F, 10 to 100 % Humidity, Free-Standing, Wall Mounting, Dimensions: 6.3 in L x 1 in W x 3.18 in H Taylor Thermometer, Digital/Analog: Analog, Dial Display, Celsius, Fahrenheit Temperature Sensor, -50 to 50 deg C, -60 to 120 deg F, Dimensions: 5-1/4 in Dia, Includes: Mounting Bracket La Crosse Round Thermometer, Digital/Analog: Analog, Dial Display, 8-1/2 in Display, -60 to 120 deg F, Plastic Casing, Casing Color: White, Wall Mounting, Dimensions: 1 in D
Rapitest 1810 Mini Moisture Meter Taylor 90050 Low Profile Thermometer Taylor 2700 Deluxe Rain Gauge
Measures moisture. Prevents over-watering. For indoor or outdoor use. Taylor Thermometer, Dial Display, 8-1/2 in Display, -60 to 120 deg F, -50 to 50 deg C, Plastic Casing, Casing Color: White 5 in Rainfall capacity. Clear, tough. Butyrate, mounting bracket, instructions and chart. 11-7/8 in L. 2 in collector opening.
THERMOMETER GALV 19.25IN      Taylor 1522 Digital Thermometer Taylor 6703N Weather Resistant Shatterproof Dial Thermometer
La Crosse Thermometer, Digital/Analog: Analog, -20 to 120 deg F, Metal, Galvanized, Nail, Screw Mounting, Dimensions: 3-1/2 in L x 1/2 in W x 19-1/2 in H The TAYLOR 1710 indoor/outdoor probe thermometer offers the most readability and the most accuracy of any wired digital thermometer available. Whether you choose to wall mount the unit or let it stand alone, you will never have a problem deciphering its enormous LCD readout. Fun and functional, show off your love for man's friend with TAYLOR's Labrador dial thermometer. This mountable outdoor thermometer's 13-1/4 in design features bold at-a-glance readings from far away.
Taylor 6733 Weather Resistant Shatterproof Dial Thermometer Taylor 6729 Weather Resistant Shatterproof Dial Thermometer Taylor 6714 Weather Resistant Shatterproof Dial Thermometer
Taylor 6733 Thermometer
Our Price: $13.99
Taylor 6714 Thermometer
Our Price: $13.99
Easy-to-read 13 in Dia thermometer is weather-resistant, accurate and durably constructed. Dial is framed by a molded shatterproof bezel and has Fahrenheit scale range from 120 to -60 deg, readable to 2 deg. Quickly mounts with two screws (not included). Proudly display your patriotic spirit with TAYLOR's American flag dial thermometer. Fun and functional, this mountable outdoor thermometer's design features colorful. Bring your temperature readings to life with the TAYLOR 6714 color track thermometer. With a colored pattern that corresponds to the severity of the heat or cold, this thermometer adds a new level of intrigue to the accuracy you can expect from TAYLOR. A durable, weather-resistant construction anchors the indoor/outdoor design of the 6714. Its wide temperature range is highlighted by the unique color track design, giving new life to every temperature reading.
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