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When you want your project to really shine, finish it with Scott glass shop towels. They are designed especially for the automotive industry, so you can get a streak-free clean for glass, windows, windshields, chrome and mirrors. These blue shop towels are made with UCTAD technology and contain no binders or glues in the base sheet, so they are low lint and low streaking. Whether you own an automotive shop or are a D.I.Y. weekend warrior, you can trust Scott glass shop towels as your spray-and-wipe solution. Long-lasting jumbo rolls, 9 in Dia. Easy to install, maintain and service. Use with Sku's 675.7389 and 685.5795 dispensers. 12 rolls per case. Scott? shop towels original (blue) in standard rolls are a must in your list of supplies. These utility shop towels are ideal for changing oil, refilling fluids and general, multi-purpose automotive maintenance. They are the multi-purpose shop towels that can help you get just about any job done right. Plus, the convenient standard roll is portable, has perforated towels and fits on standard paper towel holders. Whether you're detailing, cleaning, staining or polishing, trust Scott? shop towels original to help get the job done.
Bounty Paper Towel, White, 11 in Length, 2 Plies Looking for the best value? You're in the right place. Charmin Essentials Strong mega roll is 3X stronger when wet vs Scott 1000 and available at a similar price. More convenient, more value and more 'gos' per roll than our double roll so you can change the roll even less often. Looking for the best value? You're in the right place. Charmin Essentials Soft mega roll is softer than, but available at, a similar price to angel soft. More convenient, more value and more 'gos' per roll than our double roll so you can change the roll even less often.
North American Paper? 5510202 Non-Touch Hand Towel Dispenser BOUNTY BASIC 12 LARGE ROLL    North American Paper? 5511201 Towel Roll Dispenser
The Tork Matic? hand towel roll dispenser in elevation design delivers easy maintenance to keep busy washrooms functioning and reduces consumption with one-at-a-time towel dispensing, torch elevation dispensers have a modern design, that makes a lasting impression on your guests, hygienic because guests touch only the towel they use, reliable performance and intuitive maintenance gives you peace of mind. Bounty Full Sheet Paper Towel, White, 1 ply Thickness The Tork Matic? hand towel dispenser with intuition? sensor in elevation design gives your guests the ultimate no-touch hand drying experience, torch elevation dispensers have a functional, modern design that makes a lasting impression on your guests.
North American Paper? 57320 Double Roll Paper? Towel Dispenser PAPER TOWELS WHTE MEGA ROLL1=4 PAPER TOILET ULTRA STRG 6 ROLL
Our regular two-roll bath tissue dispenser holds two 4-1/2 in wide rolls of tissue up to 5 in Dia to offer a cost-effective solution for washroom tissue dispensing. Its durable steel construction delivers reliable performance in high-traffic areas. This covered, key-lock design protects against waste as well as pilferage while making refilling rolls quick and easy. Brawny? Pick-A-Size? two-ply half sheet premium paper towels are just the right size for your everyday tasks. Brawny? mega paper towel rolls have strong and absorbent sheets with 240 sheets per roll. Get sparkly clean with Charmin Ultra Strong. It?s 4X stronger when wet* and has a diamond weave texture. It?s woven like a washcloth and holds up when you wipe. Also MEGA in size, so you get mega value. The Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll is way bigger, equals 4 regular rolls, and it?s more bang for your behind so you?ll be running back to the store less and less (based on number of sheets in Charmin Regular Roll bath tissue). Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper is also 2-ply and designed to be clog-safe and septic-safe so you can flush confidentially and keep clean.
NATURAL SGLFOLD TOWEL 12PK/CS Oceans San Jamar Double Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser SPARKLE 6 GIANT ROLL WHT PAS
For high traffic areas in schools, plants, government buildings. Interfolded for continuous dispensing. 9-1/2 in x 10-5/8 in. North American Paper Double Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser, Plastic, Dimensions: 7 in L x 7-1/2 in W x 12-3/4 in H Sparkle Paper Towel, White, 4.85 in L, 11 in W, 2 Plies
Procter and Gamble 34864 Puffs Plus Facial Tissue NAPKINS ABSORBENT WHITE       MULTIFOLD PAPER TOWEL 250/16PK
Puffs Plus Lotion is our most soothing facial tissue with lotion. It is the perfect tissue for when sore or runny noses need some extra softness for any cold, flu or allergy. Puffs Plus Lotion facial tissues lock in moisture better, to help soothe irritated skin commonly caused from rough or thin tissues. It's no wonder that Puffs Plus Lotion is America's #1 selling Lotion Tissue brand. A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed. Engineered with advanced technology for enhanced absorption, our 2-ply napkins are made to look stylish and classic taking on anything from syrupy pancake breakfasts to saucy spaghetti dinners. Ideal for hosting friends and family, these durable, extra absorbent yet soft napkins are perfect for setting the table on any occasion. Interfolded for continuous dispensing for high-traffic areas to control usage and reduce waste. 9-1/4 in x 9-1/2 in. For use with Sku's 865.0657, 685.3238 and 685.3279, dispensers.
Soft, absorbent white tissue in attractive design. 100 sheets, 7.39 in x 8.2 in per box. Sparkle Paper Towel, White, 9-1/4 ft L, 4.8 in W, 2 Plies Bounty Paper Towel, White, 2 Plies
North American Paper T850TBK Pull Down Non-Touch Paper Towel Dispenser UNIVRSL HW TOWEL KT 350       BATH TISSUE MEGA ROLL
The Integra? lever roll towel dispenser provides a hands-free alternative to a traditional lever dispenser. The contoured dispensing arm allows use of wrist, arm or elbow to dispense paper. This affordable universal roll towel dispenser works with any size core, including coreless, solid and Centerpull rolls. Certified EcoLogo. Roll width of 7.9 in. Roll length of 350 ft. Roll Diameter: 5-1/2 in. Core inside diameter of 1.8 in. Use with Sku's 675.7363 and 926.8236 dispensers. Our proprietary technology produces a super-flexible paper designed to hold up. And with two soft, durable layers, you don't have to choose between comfort and strength.
BLEACHED MULT FOLD PAPER TOWEL North American Paper 899599 Paper Towels North American Paper? 102220 Center Pull Paper? Towel Dispenser
Our Classic bath tissue and towels offer dependable performance and great value for high-use areas. They?re available in a broad selection of product sizes and dispensing options, all designed to help you manage usage, minimize waste and enhance cleaning staff productivity. And Classic provides the softness, strength and absorbency your users expect at an affordable price. Ideal for areas that require the economy of high-capacity dispensing systems. Meets LEED requirements. Use with Sku's 675.7363 and 926.8236, dispensers. 7.87 in x 800 ft. The dispenser offers a smart, efficient Centerpull solution that is ideal for use in businesses and high-traffic public facilities such as manufacturing plants, educational facilities, stadiums and travel facilities that demand greater capacity and greater value. Our Centerpull dispenser holds 520 2-ply towels for reduced labor/maintenance costs and increased patron satisfaction.
North American Paper 892400 Carlyle Xtra Paper Towels PUFFS PLUS FACIAL TISSUE 124CT TISSUE FACIAL ULTRASOFT 124 CT
Premium towels provide extra absorbency designed to enhance hand-drying experience with high quality. One-at-a-time dispensing virtually eliminates towel tabbing and untidy restrooms. Meets EPA compliance. For use with SKU's 865.0657, 685.3238 and 685.3279, dispensers. 2-ply, 144 white tissues per box. Dragonflies and leaf design on each box in assorted colors, do not specify color. Puffs Non-Lotion Facial Tissue, White, 124 Sheets, 8.4 in Length, 8.2 in Width
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