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Groom N Edge ST4500 2-In-1 Electric Corded Grass Trimmer/Edger BLOWER CORDED 7AMP            Groom N Edge ST7700 2-In-1 Corded String Trimmer
Our Price: $39.99
Groom N Edge Corded Grass Trimmer/Edger, 2-In-1, Electric, Groom N Edge, 3.5 A, 12 in Cutting, 10000 rpm, Single Line, 0.065 in Diameter Line, For Trimming Weeds, Grass and Overgrowth Clear leaves and debris fast and efficiently with this power but lightweight blower. Up to 180 mph of power and a 7 amp motor get tough jobs done quickly. Built-in cord retention prevents frustrating interruptions while you work. Weighs only 4.4 lbs. Includes blower and blow tube. Groom N Edge Corded String Trimmer, 2-In-1, Automatic, Groom N Edge, 4.4 A, 13 in Cutting, Straight Shaft, 10000 rpm, Single Line, 0.065 in Diameter Line, Includes: (1) AF-100 Spool and (1) Guard, CSA Certified, For Tough Weeds, Grass and Overgrowth
SHEAR GARDEN 2N1 LIL-ION COMBO Black & Decker GH900 Corded String Trimmer Worx WG119 String Trimmers
Ultra lightweight and powerful garden shears feature two interchangeable steel blades that trim both grass and shrubs. A soft grip handle provides extra comfort and control. The 3.6 volt lithium battery stays charged and ready for up to 18 months. Comes with a 6" trimming blade for detailed pruning or brush and shrubs and a 4" grass shear blade for precision trimming of grass around flower beds, walkways and posts. LED charging indicator communicates to the user when it is fully charged and ready for use. Black & Decker Corded String Trimmer, 6.5 A, 14 in Cutting, Straight Shaft, 8000/7000 Rpm, Automatic Feed System Line, 0.065 in Line, Number of Lines: 1, Electric Starter, 150 ft Cord, Black, Includes: (1) AF-100, (1) Auxiliary Handle and (1) Guard and GH900 6.5 A Trimmer/Edger, UL Listed, edging along borders, Sidewalks and Flower Beds Worx Corded Grass Trimmer and Edger, Electric, 120 V, 5.5 A, 60 Hz, 15 in Cutting, 2 in X 16 ft Shaft Length, 0.065 in Shaft Diameter, Telescopic Shaft, Auto-Feed Line, Number of Lines: 2
CHAINSAW ELECT 8AMP 14IN      MaxLithium WA3525 Cordless Replacement Battery MTD Southwest 41AJCB-C902  Cone Blower Attachment
Worx Corded Chainsaw, Electric, Model: WG305, 120 V, 8 A, 60 Hz, Up to 28 in Cutting Capacity, 14 in Bar/Chain, 3/8 in Pitch, 28 ft/sec Output, 4 oz Oil Tank Capacity 20 volt lithium battery has improved 2 Amp hour cells for longer run time. Fits 18 volt and 20 volt Worx tools and chargers. TrimmerPlus Cone Blower Attachment, 33.6 x 8.8 x 8.8 in, Model CB720
Black and Decker BV3600 Blower Vacuum MTD Southwest 41BJLE-C954  Edger Attachment DeWalt HH2455 Corded Hedge Hog Trimmer
Black & Decker Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher, Heavy Duty, Model: BV3600, 180/230 mph, 12 A, 69 dBA Sound, Black, Includes: (1) Concentrator,(1) Blow Tube, (1) Vacuum Tube and (1) Collection Bag, Bag 1.5 Bushels, 10:1 Mulch Ratio, For Clearing Driveways, Sidewalks, Decks and Garages Of Debris and Fall Leaves From Yard MTD Lawn Edger Attachment, Suitable For Use With: Most Attachment Capable Gas Trimmers On The Market, 7-1/2 in Edger Blade, 3-1/2 in Wheel, Steel Blade, Model LE720R, For Deep Edging DeWalt Corded Hedge Hog Trimmer, DeWalt, 3/4 in Cutting Capacity, 120 V, 3.3 A, 24 in Blade Length, 2-3/4 in Blade Width, Steel Blade, Dual Action Blade, 2800 spm, Lock-Off Switch Control, Soft Grip, Full Bale Handle, 150 ft Cord, UL Listed, For Trimming of Formal Hedges and Shrubs of All Configurations
DeWalt CS1216 Corded Chain saw Jawsaw WG303.1 Corded Chain Saw Black & Decker Max Lightweight String Trimmer and Edger
Corded Chain saw, Model: CS1216, 120 VAC, 12 A, 16 in Bar/Chain, For Removing Tub and Shower Valves Speeds 3.5 hp, built-in chain brake, metal log spikes, tool free chain replacement, auto tensioning, auto oiling and soft grips. Chain pitch 3/8'', chain gauge .050'', oil capacity 6.75 ounces. Patented chain tensioning system prevents over tightening and maintains proper tension during operation. Equipped with 16'' Oregon brand reduced kickback bar and chain with greasable sprocket nose. 11 lbs. Black & Decker String Trimmer and Edger, Lightweight, Series: Max, 20 V Battery, Lithium Ion Battery, 2 Ah Battery Capacity, 12 in Cutting, 12-1/2 in Shaft Length, Straight Shaft, 6200 Rpm, 0.065 in Diameter Line, Number of Lines: 1, Electric Starter, Includes: (1) LBXR2020 20 V Max Lithium Ion Battery, (1) Charger, (1) AF-100 Spool and (1) Guard
Dewalt LBXR2036 Lithium Battery DeWalt LE750 2-In-1 Electric Corded Landscape Edger Worx WG255 Hedge Trimmers
Dewalt Lithium Battery, Series: LBXR2036, 40 V Nominal, 2 Ah Nominal, 1 - 2 hr Charge Time, Suitable For Use With: 36V and 40V MAX String Trimmer, Hedge Trimmer/Sweeper and Sweeper VAC, Black/Orange, Includes: Charger DeWalt Corded Landscape Edger, 2-In-1, Electric, DeWalt, Model: LE750, 1.5 in Cutting Depth, 11 A, 2-1/4 hp Power, 3-Position Blade, 7-1/2 in Blade Diameter, Hardened Steel Blade, 150 in-lb Torque, 4700 rpm, 10 in Overall Length, 30 in Overall Width, 12-1/2 in Overall Height, Orange/Black 20 volt lithium powered 20" hedge trimmer with laser cut blade. 9/16" max cutting diameter. Dual action blades reduce vibration and makes a cleaner cut. 2 safety switches prevent accidental operation. Comfortable rubber grips for firm control even with sweaty hands. Includes a 3 hour charger. Weighs 5.1 lbs.
SAW POLE ELEC 2-IN-1 8AMP 10IN Black and Decker LHT2220 Hedge Trimmers DeWalt CS1518 Corded Chain saw
Worx Corded Electric Pole Saw, 120 V, 8 A, 60 Hz, 10 in Bar/Chain, 3/8 in Pitch, 8.5 mps Output, Black, Standards: 1-UL Listed, For Small Tree Cutting and Delimbing Trees Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer, Cordless, Lightweight, 3/4 in Cutting, 20 V Battery, Lithium-Ion Battery, 1 Batteries, 22 in Blade Length, 2-1/2 in Blade Width, Dual Action Blade, 2400 rpm, Full Length Trigger Control, Softgrip Handle, Includes: 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery and Battery Charger, Standards: CSA Certified Corded Chain saw, Model: CS1518, 120 VAC, 15 A, 18 in Bar/Chain, Includes: (1) Scabbard
Worx WG545 Electric Cordless Blower/Sweeper Black & Decker Max String Trimmer and Edger Black and Decker LSW20 Blower/Sweeper
Worx Cordless Blower/Sweeper, Electric, Worx, 77 cfm Air Flow, 120 mph Air, Li-Ion Battery, 20 V Battery, 40 dB Sound, Includes: (1) 20 V Li-Ion, (1) 3 - 5 hr Charger, CSA Certified, UL Listed Black & Decker String Trimmer and Edger, High Performance, Series: Max, 20 V Battery, Lithium Ion Battery, 4 Ah Battery Capacity, 12 in Cutting, 46-1/2 in Shaft Length, Straight Shaft, 7200/5500 Rpm, 0.065 in Diameter Line, Number of Lines: 1, Electric Starter, Includes: (1) LB2X4020-OPE 20V Max Extended Runtime Battery, (1) Charger Black & Decker Sweeper, Cordless, Hard Surface, 120 cfm Air Flow, 120 mph Air, Lithium-Ion Battery, 20 V Battery, 1 Batteries, 66 dBA Sound, Includes: LBXR20 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Battery, Charger and Blow Max, 3.7 lb Weight, For Clearing Driveways  Sidewalks, Decks, Garages and Other Hard Surfaces of Leaves, Grass Clippings and Other Lawn Debris
MTD Southwest 41CJGC-C954  Cultivator Attachment Black and Decker Lawn PP610 Pole Saw BLOWER/VAC/MULCH 12AMP TURBINE
TrimmerPlus Cultivator Attachment, 6 - 9 in Tine Width, Includes: Troy-Bilt, Remington and Craftsman, Model GC720 Black & Decker Corded Pole Saw, 120 V, 6.5 A, 10 in Cutting, 9.5 ft Bar/Chain, Orange, Includes: (1) Scabbard, Standards: 1-UL Listed, ANSI Specified, CSA Certified, For Small Tree Cutting and Delimbing Trees All-in-one single tube system: blower/vac/mulcher eliminates the hassle of interchangeable tubes. Dual stage metal impeller design with 24:1 mulch ratio. Electronic variable speed for corner sweeping with the flip of a switch. High capacity air volume with turbine fan technology. Simply go between modes with the attachment of the hassle free collection bag. Airflow design forces air in a streamline motion to deliver consistent and powerful results with up to 500 cfm in air volume. Weighs 9.3 lbs.
MTD Southwest 41CJPS-C954  Pole Saw Attachment MTD Southwest 41BJAH-C954  Hedge Trimmer Attachment STR TRMR 12IN 20V/2.0AH 2BATTS
MTD Southwest Inc Pole Saw Attachment, 16 in Dia Cut Capacity, 8 in Length Bar, Model PS720 MTD Southwest Inc Hedge Trimmer Attachment, AH720 Model Hedge Trimmer Worx Cordless String Trimmer and Edger, Lightweight, 20 V Battery, Lithium-Ion Battery, 37.8 in Shaft Length, Straight Shaft, 0.065 in Dia Line, Number of Lines: 1, Electric, Automatic Starter, Electric Motor Engine Cycles
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