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Mintcraft JL82102 Sheet Metal Screw Set Diamondback JL82101 Wood Screw Set Mintcraft JL821033L Bolt/Nut Set
Mintcraft Sheet Metal Screw Set, 95 Pieces, Includes: (30) NO 4 X 1/2 in, (25) NO 6 X 1/2 in, (15) NO 6 X 3/4 in, (10) NO 8 X 3/4 in, (10) NO 8 X 1 in, (5) NO 10 X 1 in Diamondback Wood Screw Set, 95 Pieces, Includes: (40) NO 4 X 1/2 in, (28) NO 6 X 1/2 in, (20) NO 5 X 5/8 in, (5) NO 8 X 1 in, (2) NO 10 X 1-1/4 in, Suitable For Use With: Sheet Metal, Wood or Lag Screw, For Light Duty in Solid Material Mintcraft Bolt/Nut Set, 100 Pieces, Includes: (22) NO 6 X 3/4 in, (10) NO 8 X 1/2 in, (5) NO 8 X 5/8 in, (7) NO 10 X 1/2 in, (3) NO 10 X 1-1/4 in, (3) 1/4 X 1/2 in Bolt, (22) M3, (15) M4, (10) M5, (3) M6 Nuts
Mintcraft JL82110 Tack/Pushpin/Clip Set Mintcraft JL821083L Screw/Anchor Set Midwest 23590 Assorted Nail Kit
Mintcraft Tack/Pushpin/Clip Set, 75 Pieces, Includes: (10) Push Pins, (50) Thumb Tacks, (15) Paper Clips Includes (13) 8 x 1" and (17) 6 x 1"sheet metal screws and (13) E6 and (17) E5 anchors. Midwest Nail Kit, Assorted
Midwest 11212 Cotter Pin Assortment Midwest 14991 Assorted Hook and Eye Kit Midwest 14999 Assorted Anchor Kit
Midwest Cotter Pin Assortment, 8-1/2 in Length X 1-1/4 in Width X 5-7/64 in Height, 120 Pieces, Used to Retain Clevis Pins, Sprockets, Wheel Axels, Pulleys and Flywheels, Tollar Chain Links and Castle Nuts Midwest Hook and Eye Kit, Assorted, 92 Pieces, Includes: Assorted Sizes of Eye Hooks, Cup Hooks, Shoulder Hooks, Brass/Zinc Housing Midwest Anchor Kit, Assorted, 77 Pieces
Midwest 14998 Assorted Wood and Sheet Metal Screw Kit Midwest 14995 Assorted Nail/Tack/Brad Kit Midwest 14993 Assorted Handyman Fastener Kit
Midwest Wood and Sheet Metal Screw Kit, Assorted, 221 Pieces Midwest Nail/Tack/Brad Kit, Assorted, 1345 Pieces, Includes: Multiple Sized Nails, Tacks, Brads Midwest Handyman Fastener Kit, Assorted, 336 Pieces, Includes: Assorted Kinds and Sizes of Screws, Bolts, Washers, Nuts
Midwest 14997 Assorted Nut and Washer Kit Midwest 14994 Assorted Household Fastener Kit EDGE TOOL HIDDEN FSTNR MRKSMN
Midwest Nut and Washer Kit, Assorted, 235 Pieces Midwest Household Fastener Kit, Assorted, 662 Pieces, Includes: Picture Hangers, Anchors, Push Pins, Cup Hooks, Brads, Screws National Nail Hidden Edge Tool Fastener, Series: Camo Marksman, Heavy Duty, Grade: Contractor, Gray, For Multiple Deck Applications
Camo Marksman Pro 0345001 Deck Fastening System Camo Marksman Pro-NB 0345015 Deck Fastening System DECK TOOL HIDDEN FASTNR PRO-X1
CAMO Deck Fastener Tool, Series: Marksman Pro, 1 in or 2 x 5-1/4 in - 5-3/4 in Fits Board, 3/16 in Spacing, Grade: Contractor, For Multiple Deck Application Camo Marksman Deck Fastening System, Heavy Duty, Series: Pro-NB, 3-1/4 - 5 in Fits Board, 3/16 in Spacing, Grade: Contractor, For Narrow Deck Applications Marksman Pro is designed for multiple deck applications. For installation of treated lumber decks. The Pro-X1 is designed with a 1/16" spacer to allow the smallest of gaps between deck boards. Ideal for installation of wet treated deck boards that will shrink as they dry naturally.
Protec-Kote SDK-C262W-525 Weather Resistant Deck Screw 2-5/8 in Kreg KJDECKSYS Deck Jig System
Protec-Kote Deck Screw, Weather Resistant, 2-5/8 in Length, Pan Head, 8 Coarse Thread, Self-Tapping Point, Steel, For ACQ Treated Lumber Kreg Deck Jig System, Includes: Deck Jig, Instructional DVD, 100 Protec-Kote Deck Screws , 6 in Deck Jig Drill Bit, 6 in KTX Square Driver Bit , (3) 5/16 in Spacer Rings , (3) 1/4 in Spacer Rings , (2) Stop Collars, (1) Allen Wrench, Durable Carrying Case